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California API Legislative Caucus

California Young Democrats

SEIU 2015

Unite HERE Local 11

National Union of Healthcare Workers

United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 324

Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley

San Francisco County Democratic Pary

Ventura County Democratic Party

Santa Barbara County Democratic Party

San Diego County Democratic Party

Democratic Party of Sacramento County

Riverside County Democratic Party

Oceanside Firefighters Association

Vista Firefighters Association

Miracle Mile Democratic Club

West Hollywood Beverly Hills Democratic Club

Our Revolution East Bay

Los Angeles County Young Democrats

Stonewall Young Democrats


Hon. Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General

Hon. John A. Perez, CA Speaker of the Assembly (Ret.)

Hon. Ricardo Lara, California Insurance Commissioner

Hon. Fiona Ma, California State Treasurer

Hon. Ted Lieu, United States Representative (CA-33)

Hon. Jimmy Gomez, United States Representative (CA-34)

Hon. Linda Sanchez, United States Representative (CA-39)

Hon. Maxine Waters, United States Representative (CA -43)

Hon. Katie Porter, United States Representative (CA-45)

Hon. Lou Correa, United States Representative (CA-46)

Hon. Alan Lowenthal, United States Representative (CA-47)

Hon. Mike Levin, United States Representative (CA-49)

Hon. Harley Rouda, United States Representative (Ret.)

Hon. TJ Cox, United States Representative (Ret.)

Hon. Kevin de Leon, California State Senate President Pro Tem (Ret) & Los Angeles City Councilmember

Hon. Richard Pan, California State Senator (SD 06)

Hon. Nancy Skinner, California State Senator (SD 09)

Hon. Scott Weiner, California State Senator (SD 11)

Hon. Connie Leyva, California State Senator (SD 20)

Hon. Maria Elena Durazo, California State Senator (SD 24)

Hon. Josh Newman, California State Senator (SD 29)

Hon. Lena Gonzalez, California State Senator (SD 33)

Hon. Tom Umberg, California State Senator (SD 34)

Hon. Steven Bradford, California State Senator (SD 35)

Hon. Dave Min, California State Senator (SD 37)

Hon. David Chiu, California State Assembly (AD 17)

Hon. Phil Ting, California State Assembly (AD 19)

Hon. Alex Lee, California State Assembly (AD 25)

Hon. Ash Kalra, California State Assembly (AD 27)

Hon. Evan Low, California State Assembly (AD 28)

Hon. Adrin Nazarian, California State Assembly (AD 46)

Hon. Ed Chau, California State Assembly (AD 49)

Hon. Wendy Carrillo, California State Assembly (AD 51)

Hon. Lisa Calderon, California State Assembly (AD 57)

Hon. Sabrina Cervantes, California State Assembly (AD 60)

Hon. Sharon Quirk-Silva, California State Assembly (AD 65)

Hon. Al Muratsuchi, California State Assembly (AD 66)

Hon. Tom Daly, CA State Assembly (AD 69)

Hon. Patrick O'Donnell, California State Assembly (AD 70)

Hon. Cottie Petrie-Norris, California State Assembly (AD 74)

Hon. Tasha Boerner Horvath, California State Assembly (AD 76)

Hon. Chris Ward, California State Assembly (AD79)

Hon. Bonnie Lowenthal, California State Assembly (Ret.)



Hon. Nora Vargas, SD County Supervisor

Hon. Janice Hahn, LA County Supervisor

Hon. Jeff Prang, LA County Assessor

Hon. Ron Galperin, LA City Controller

Hon. Robert Garcia, Mayor, City of Long Beach

Hon. Farrah Khan, Mayor, City of Irvine

Hon. Letitia Clark, Mayor, City of Tustin

Hon. Connor Traut, Mayor, City of Buena Park

Hon. Kim Carr, Mayor, City of Huntington Beach

Hon. Tiffany Ackley, Mayor, City of Aliso Viejo

Hon. Ester Sanchez, Mayor, City of Oceanside

Hon. Catherine Blakespear, Mayor, City of Encinitas

Hon. Rex Richardson, Vice Mayor, City of Long Beach

Hon. Tammy Kim, Vice Mayor, City of Irvine

Hon. Jill Hardy, Mayor, City of Huntington Beach (Ret)

Hon. Al Austin, Councilmember, City of Long Beach

Hon. Jordan Brandman, Councilmember, City of Anaheim

Hon. Dan Kalmick, Councilmember, City of Huntington Beach

Hon. Cornia Lopez, Councilmember, City of San Leandro

Hon. Suzie Price, Councilmember, City of Long Beach

Hon. Sepi Shyne, Councilmember, City of West Hollywood

Hon. Ahmad Zahra, Councilmember, City of Fullerton

Hon. Mary Zendejas, Councilmember, City of Long Beach

Hon. Valerie Amezcua, Santa Ana Unified School Board

Hon. Allyson Damikolas, Trustee, Tustin Unified School Board

Hon. Megan Kerr, Trustee, Long Beach Unified School Board

Hon. Sunny Zia, Trustee, LB Community College

Hon. Herlinda Chico, Trustee, LB Community College

Hon. Uduak-Joe Ntuk, Trustee, LB Community College

Hon. Vivian Malauulu, Trustee, LB Community College

Hon. John Hanna, Trustee, Rancho Santiago Community College


Joy Sterling, CDP Rural Caucus Chair

Hon. Melissa Ramoso, CDP API Caucus Chair

Hene Kelly, CDP Disability Caucus Chair

Ann Crosbie, CDP Children's Caucus Chair

Mahmoud Moody Zahriya, CDP Arab American Caucus Chair

Mary Ann Andreas, CDP Native American Caucus Chair

Michelle Gomez, CDP Veterans Caucus 

Southern Reg. Vice-Chair

Ray Bishop, CDP Business & Professional Caucus Chair

Tim Paulson, CDP Labor Caucus Chair

Jillynn Molina-Willians, CDP Veterans Caucus Chair



William Monroe, Region 1E Director

Debra Broner, Region 1W Director

Eric Sunderland, Region 3 Director

Alejandro Carrillo, Region 4 Director

Rocky Fernandez, Region 5 Director

Hene Kelly, Region 6 Director

Omar Torres, Region 7 Director

Humberto Gomez Jr., Region 8 Director

David Atkins, Region 10 Director

Maha Rizvi, Region 13 Director

Miguel Martinez, Region 14 Director

Primo Castro, Region 15 Director

Sergio Carrillo, Region 16 Director

Florice Hoffman, Region 17 Director

Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik, Region 18 Director

Michael Milan, Region 19 Director



Ada Briceño, Chair, DNC Member

Sandra Lowe, DNC Member

Derek Devermont, DNC Member

Becca Doten, DNC Member

Michael Kapp, DNC Member

Andrew Lachman, DNC Member

Keith Umemoto, DNC Member

David Atkins, DNC Member

Hon. Otto Lee, DNC Member



Tisa Rodriguez, Chair, Riverside County Democratic Party 

Ada Briceño, Chair, Democratic Party of Orange County

G.Anthony Phillip, Chair, Napa Valley Democratic Party

Andrew Goldenkranz, Chair, Santa Cruz County Dems 

Agi Kessler, Vice-Chair, Riverside County Democratic Party & Lead Co-Chair, Resolutions Committee

Fran Sdao, Chair Emeritus, Democratic Party of Orange County

Jacob Haik, Controller, LA County Democratic Party

Kyle Krahel-Frolander, North Area Vice Chair, San Diego County Democratic Party

Sergio Carrillo, Vice-Chair, LA County Democratic Party

Cara Robin, AD 62 Chair, LA County Democratic Party

Steven Alari, Region 7 Vice Chair, LA County Democratic Party

Shannon Ross, Region 6 Vice Chair, LA County Democratic Party



Ilissa Gold, President, Miracle Mile Democratic Club

Caron Berkley, Co-Chair, Democrats for Israel-OC

Kevin Sabellico, Co-Chair, Credentials Committee

Steve Bott, Operations Vice-Chair, Stonewall Democrats

Igor Tregub, Co-Chair, CDP Resolutions Co-Chair