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We must do a better job communicating with delegates and activists alike on the ground throughout California. I would like to adopt the regular  “war room notes” project that the Democratic National Committee implements which sends out talking points and updates about pressing issues and combats misinformation out in the public sphere. The lack of direct communication from CDP leadership has served as a perception of mistrust and confusion on the ground. 



I believe that the current distribution of power within the CDP needs to be re-calculated. My approach would be to not reinvent the wheel with an entirely new system, but treat our state party the same way most county committees are led. I believe that we should distribute decision-making power, budget decisions, and priorities of the party amongst the five statewide leaders and our Regional Directors. 



There is no reason for the largest Democratic party in the nation to not be leading the charge to pass Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. In addition to putting the full weight of the California Democratic Party behind local efforts like AB1400, we have the ability through our DNC delegation and CDP Leadership Team, to support other state parties whose Democrats are not as bold. These combined efforts should be a top priority for our incoming leadership team. 



In the next 4 to 6 years, over 60% of Democrats in the CA State Senate and Assembly will be termed out. The California Democratic Party in partnership with County Central Committees should be the training ground for local candidates for office to ensure we have battle-tested candidates ready to step up and protect our ⅔ majority. And, we need to expand training to include campaign staff. We must ensure that candidates have trained campaign managers, field & finance directors, and volunteer coordinators to help run successful campaigns. 



The largest Democratic Party in the nation should also be the leader when it comes to transparency and accountability. This means that we must take seriously the pledges we make as leaders and follow through on our promises. We should not let up on our efforts to rid the party of dirty money and ensure that our disagreements do not get in the way of the business our party must continue to do. 



Too often, elected officials and the California Democratic Party only turn to our sisters and brothers in labor when it's campaign season and we need contributions. We must do more to support the ongoing efforts of the Labor Movement throughout the year including public policy efforts, organizing, negotiations, and protests. I believe we should create a joint committee with non-delegate labor leaders to ensure that we are meeting the mutual needs and goals of the California Democratic Party and Labor Unions throughout California.